I Am A Ferdinand

I’ve been drifting through the waves of this world, drowning, lost, wretched. But in that time of slowly dying, I learned the value of my wreckage.


I’m Ferdinand. I am an idealist with realistic concerns.

A dreamer living in a nightmare.

A social drinker in a drunken society.

A former smoker and diehard toker.

A Beast known as human.

An occasional volunteer and a slight raconteur.


I am a political savage. A scavenger of the jungle.

I do not abide by any one ideology.

I believe in the pursuit of freedom, justice, liberty, and order.

I believe in the principles of true democracy.

I have faith in science.

I believe in the soul.

I know my rights, and the imperfections of law in practice and theory.


The Human Rights of Children are rarely considered by adults.

The Rights of Individuals need not conflict with a State.

If Happiness is not a Right, then there are no Rights.

We Better Get Our Motherfuckin’ Shit Together .


Living in an anti-community megacity, divided nation of apathy.

In East Harlem.

A Tragedy of American Poverty,

The Forgotten Result of a Generational Colony.

Born and raised in the projects of NYC.

Some college, but mostly self-educated.

Waiting for The Singularity to Unite All Life On Earth.

It takes Time to Evolve.


Age: 31

White Working-Poor Puerto Rican Cis-Male, and pretty fat to boot.

Working hard to deal with my pathological sanity.

They call it PTSD/Depression/Anxiety



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