Unreality and It’s Stories

Finally, I Think I’m Going Somewhere Here (First)

I aim to write fiction and nonfiction here. Fiction will mostly be for cross- genres and easily adaptable to multiple mediums and platforms. 

Nonfiction will feature essays, op- eds, and socio- political analysis, as well as personal journals, biographical accounts, and polemical ethics, science, & beliefs. Even, perhaps, occasional pop- culture review and analysis, or taint jokes. 

Plus, if I’m up for it, I might return to writing poetry. But I don’t expect any of my poetry to be for commercial use. Ever. I hope not, anyway.

If I’m lucky, maybe I can make some money off of an article, interview, or sponsorship, because I’m seriously living in dangerous poverty; doubtful for myriad reasons, but positive nonetheless. 

For fictional and creative writing, I would like to create timelines and shared content between individual stories and create anthologies and serials.

For nonfiction, I would like to do the same, in terms of categorizing and comparing each individual report, essay, column, etc., to ongoing, past, and future ones.

Quick disclaimer on politics and social issues that will immediately get me in trouble with trying to monetize with “moderate” or corporate companies and institutions – I am passionately and unapologetically opinionated, and will reflect my strong, and at times, personal opinions and observations based on facts and pure logic. 

I will not allow the opinions and possible reactions of others to myself to get in the way of honest writing. Which is important because I believe if writing isn’t honest, then it’s not worth writing. That applies to even satire and fiction.
It will be interesting to finally get started here and see what I can dig up and write on a regular basis, and where I can take it, if even just to see it for myself. If you happen to end up reading this or something else I write, and find yourself thinking “not bad,” then I would truly appreciate it if you let me know. And if you hate me and everything I create, that’s cool too, just let me know why.

Friday, January 27th, 2017


8600.00 Hours Before Doomsday 1

“180 Days of Doom”


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