Discover Your Destiny, Find Your Tribe

​Life is, at it’s most basic foundations, a series of events creating other series of events. That’s it. One big set of dominoes tipping each other over one by one. Causality. Go somewhere today, and you may find yourself on a path to next week. 
How many times have you gotten random invitations just by being in a particular place, at a particular moment? The smallest deviation from a set pattern or plan, or lack thereof, changes lives, changes history, changes the future, moment by moment, person to person, planet by planet, star by star.

So go. Wake up, get dressed, and just go to that classroom, that job fair, that party you were thinking about. Or go to that protest instead. Or finally get around to writing page one of that comic book you’ve always wanted to create. That’s how life is born and how it goes on, simply and endurant despite the worse of circumstances and events, for your comic book characters in their fictional world, and for us here in our own reality.

And that’s how you find your destination, your destiny, and your tribe. Don’t discount your tribe, blood and water, for without them we wouldn’t go anywhere, and would have no reason to try. If you haven’t found them yet, do not despair, for they may be at the next place you find yourself in. So it goes my friend. So you go on.


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