Relative Evil

Reasons why Hitler was better than Trump:
– Hitler pulled himself up from an abusive, dysfunctional childhood and crippling post- WWI poverty. Trump inherited a real- estate fortune.
– Hitler was a proud and scrappy young corporal in the German army during WWI, facing down almost certain death and living to tell the tale. Trump was a cowardly draft dodger who bitched about bone spurs to get out of military service.
– Hitler was a health fanatic, a dedicated vegetarian, and vehemently against smoking and excessive drinking. Trump is a disgusting fatbody, a sagging bag of embalmed skin filled with 20% lard and 80% Steve Bannon’s diarrhea.
– Hitler drew massive crowds and was a political rockstar before he started WWII, unafraid of getting arrested for dissident direct actions, a master speechwriter & orator, and personally organized his own factions of his political organization with nothing but his own voluntary calls to action. 

Trump can’t draw a stick figure, let alone a significantly large crowd, detests political dissidents, can’t write anything without an editor like Steve Bannon helping him, and relies on PAID white nationalists, propagandists, and beltway lobbyists to rally his base.
– Hitler inspired and motivated his troops, at least at first. Trump has repeatedly insulted and degraded our troops, in general and specific soldiers who honorably served with distinction. He has also insulted their families, while Hitler praised the strength and valor of the German soldiers’ family. Trump is also making cuts to the VA, which would have enraged Hitler as a formerly homeless veteran himself.
– Trump has already shown himself to be a weak, lying, and duplicitous political coward, unwilling and unable to fulfill his campaign promises to his constituents. Hitler did as he intended, and didn’t let anything or anyone get in his way.
– Trump has no class, discipline, or sophistication, which would have both amused and disgusted Hitler.
– Hitler had the sense and the balls to shoot himself when he knew he was fucked. Trump doesn’t have the conviction or constitution to pull a trigger when necessary, or when his time is up.
Hitler was an evil fucking maniac. So it takes a truly hideous, shitfilled, useless human being to make Hitler seem relatively respectable. Congratulations Donald Trump. You make Hitler look good.


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